Setting Up Payment Terms


Wholester allows you to set up specific payment terms which can then be applied to individual customers' accounts.

To create a new payment term, go to your Wholester dashboard and select Payment Terms.


Next, select Create New Terms at the top of the page.


From here, follow these steps to set up a new payment term:

- Name the term option (how you would like to display to the customer, and keep track of in the admin. This will show as the payment gateway for orders not paid for at time of creation.)

- Select which category of payment to which this term will apply. (eg. 

- Enable of Disable this payment term at any time.

Enter the percentage of the total order value due upon submitting order. Any value less than 100% will set a date in the calendar when the full amount is due.

- Finally, select when the full amount, or remaining balance of the order is due. (eg. Immediately, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months, etc.)

Congratulations, you have now configured your payment term! Please see this tutorial on how to apply your payment term to a specific customer.

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