Customize the Location of the "Message", "Datepicker", and "One click upsells", or How to Fix if They are Not Showing Up!


If Giftship's message, datepicker or upsell features are not showing, or you would like to change where they are located in your theme, you can use the following instructions.

In order to customize the location of the app, either on the product page or the cart page, we need to add this snippet of HTML into the page:

<div id="gsAppContainer" style="position: relative;" class="gs__app-container">
<div style="width: 400px; max-width: 100%;position: relative;float:right;min-height:50px;"><div class="gs__loader"></div>

This can be located anywhere, as long as it is between the opening and closing <form> tags on the product form, or cart form.

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