Collecting the Email Address of a Gift Recipient


Note: Giftship only allows for the collection of this data, and does not facilitate automated emails going out to gift recipients.

There are two different methods to collect the email address of gift recipients. The first is to change the language of the "Company" input field to collect email addresses. To make this switch, from your dashboard go to Apps --> Giftship --> Edit Settings and first make sure that the 'Show company input' option is enabled.


Next, go into the Languages tab at the top of your Giftship dashboard and scroll down to the Ship to Multiple Addresses section. Here you will find the 'Company' input field. Change this language to whatever type of data you wish to collect (in this case an e-mail address)


Once this is saved, the address collection section during a multiple shipping address checkout will be updated, as seen below.


The second way to collect an email address is to add an additional input to your Gift Message collection fields. To do this, simply go to the Giftship Settings tab, scroll down to the Gift Message section, and add in your additional input fields.



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