Using Order Printer to Print Gift Messages


To add Giftship's Gift Message and Delivery Date to a printer template, you have a few options:


1. Edit the packing slips template:

2. Edit your admin order notification email template:

3. Use an app that is developed by Shopify called Order Printer. 

To accomplish this, the same logic applies in the article describing how to add this information to your email templates, but some slight differences may be present in the line item loop:


The line item loop in Order Printer will look like this:

{% for line_item in line_items %}

<!-- content for line item loop -->

{% endfor %}


In order to display line item properties in order printer, you must add this within your line item loop:

{% for property in %}

<p>{{ property.first }}: {{ property.last }}<p>

{% endfor %}

You can add note attributes wherever you like in this template as such:

To: {{ attributes.To }}<br/>
From: {{ attributes.From }}<br/>
Message: {{ attributes.Message }}<br/>
Delivery Date: {{ attributes['Delivery Date'] }}<br/>

Please note, if you have changed the name of the above fields in Giftships settings, you will need to replace the above with whatever you have set these to come through as, including the custom field.

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