Viewing Reports with Multiple Shipping Address Orders


The way the multiple shipping address process works, is that a single checkout is created containing the addresses, shipping rates, and tax. Once the order is paid for, it is split into an order for each address selected during checkout.

The initial order that comes through is tagged with "ms_order", and should not be used for reporting. The follow up orders that are created have the shipping details, shipping cost, and tax cost located in their correct locations for reporting.

There are a few things that you can do, which you can test to see what will work best in your case:

1. When viewing reports, filter out all cancelled orders by going to Admin -> Analytics -> Total sales -> View report.

Click the manage filters button on the left hand side, and select "Cancelled" from the first dropdown, and "is not" from the second. This will give you accurate reports.

2. Giftship has an option under the Shipping to Multiple Addresses section, where you can choose the financial status of the re-created orders, as either pending, paid, or voided.

3. Optionally, you can also choose to have the order not split into multiple shipments, although, this is not recommended.

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