Displaying Message and Date Details in Email Templates


There are 2 locations that the message and date information added with Giftship could come through to your orders depending on which of the below options you select in your settings:

The first option makes the information come through as line item properties. Here is a snippet to display all line item properties in your email templates, which should be inserted in the line item loop, usually underneat the product title:


{% for p in line.properties %}
{% unless p.last == blank %}
{{ p.first }}: {{ p.last }} <br/>
{% endunless %}
{% endfor %}

The second option will show the message and date details as order note attributes. Here is how you can display an order note attribute, both in email templates, and Shopify's Order Printer app. You can insert this wherever you would like these to appear, but usually at the bottom of the file somewhere.


To: {{ attributes.To }}<br/>
From: {{ attributes.From }}<br/>
Message: {{ attributes.Message }}<br/>
Delivery Date: {{ attributes['Delivery Date'] }}<br/>

Please note, if you have changed the name of the above fields in Giftships settings, you will need to replace the above with whatever you have set these to come through as, including the custom field.

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