Get Started with Giftship


Giftship installs automatically on your Shopify store.

Once installed from the Shopify App store, you will go through the Giftship setup wizard, in which you will choose your pricing level based on the number of features that you would like to use.

Once installed, you can enable and configure the app by going to  Apps --> Giftship --> Edit Settings, as described below.

Getting Started: Step-by-step

1. Go to the Apps section in your Shopify dashboard.


2. Go into the Giftship App


3. Go to Edit Settings, and enable and configure the settings of the App.


We suggest that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with these settings. Turn features on and off in the Settings tab, manage your upsell products in the Upsells tab, change the text of buttons and labels in the Language tab, and experiment with the colors of different elements in the Colors tab. If you are unsure of what an option does, try hovering over the checkbox, toggle, or label to view an explanation.


Play around and find out what works best for your store so that you can make fulfilling your orders as easy as possible and provide your customers with the best shopping experience.


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